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We are proud to be a USDA certified organic farm using only regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Our multi-generational farm is deeply dedicated to prioritizing soil health and water quality, but most importantly, providing simple, yet delicious food directly from our farm to your table.

All crops consume nutrients from the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. While conventional farming uses synthetic fertilizers to replenish nutrients, we recognize the natural biological cycle by using composted plant material to fully replenish these inert minerals and re-supply organic material which provides a healthy boost to our crops. Plain Farms also employs cover crops over fall and winter to control weeds, reduce wind/water erosion, improve soil aeration, and retain moisture.

We are happy to be your local producer of delicious and wholesome organic foods.

Plain Farms, Simply Good!

What we grow
Organic Red Fife Wheat
Certified USDA Organic Black Beans
Organic Barley